Fruit & Vegetable Storage- Making the Most of Your Produce

 Wasting food is indefensible. But wasting food because you let it spoil? Even worse. It’s horrible for your wallet, it’s horrible for the world, and it’s gross in every sense of the word. Don’t do it! 

Use my very handy, very specific charts instead. They tell you where & how to store everything from apples to zucchini, along with tips and tricks for each and everything. Keep every apple crisp, every mango juicy, and every tomato firm.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find my overall tips and tricks (cut into an avocado but want to keep it fresh? how do I handle a ripe kiwi surplus? how can I make my tulips stand up straight?), along with my favourite method for handling & storing kale, and a handy list of what produce continues to ripen once harvested, and which just simply deteriorates after being picked. 

Never waste your produce again! 


good fruitMollys kale system

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