15 thoughts on “Tips, Tricks, & Advice

  1. I adore your blog– pinning so much of this! What advice do you have for someone very overweight? I don’t know where to start and feel like nothing I do changes anything. I’m embarrassed at the gym and always hungry— heeeelllpp!!!

  2. where do you buy your protein powder? what kind? should i buy the drinks or the powder? i don’t want to get big from it!

  3. great website!! i really love your 24/7 booty post, but is that how you got such a good bum? do i have to do anything else to get 1 like yours?

  4. You give the best advice!! I go out to eat a lot for work… what can you recommend I order?? I usually get ‘candy bar salads’, but your blog made me think twice!

  5. U have the cutest bike!! how long did it take u to loose all that weight, ur so skinny now!!

  6. can you make a meal planner?? i’m 176 pounds now and want to be 114. tell me what to do!!

  7. your elliptical article confirmed my nightmare!! what should i do instead?? do i have to run?

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