A Fresh Approach to Yoga (Nov. 30, 2013)


For my November 30th article about studio 330 yoga in Kingston, ON, A Fresh Approach to Yoga, either click here or keep on reading!*   *A note, which I feel terribly about– I conducted this interview via email, so Dallas and I never got a chance to meet in person. I’ve only ever known one Dallas […]

Spring Fitness

Sticking with winter workouts makes summer more fun!

Although it may not feel like it out there, don’t fret– Spring is on the way! With it only about three weeks away, outdoor workouts are (hopefully) going to become far more appealing sooner rather than later. Remember, the best gym is just outside of your door– bear the final chills of winter now, and […]

The Treadmill, Outdoor Running, and Results


Alright, surely this post isn’t going to make me a popular girl. So, I’m just going to lay it all out there. Run outside. Don’t run on the treadmill. The treadmill is easier. Period. Have you ever run four miles on the treadmill, felt like a baller, gone outside for your next run, and been […]

My Cold Weather Salvation


Winter is, unquestionably, the toughest season for both diet and fitness. Even once those holiday cookies are a distant memory in your mind (perhaps not so distant on your hips), it is still freezing and dark and gloomy and icey. You’d rather sit under a pile of blankets, watch Homeland, and eat Shepherd’s pie than […]

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