Balsamic-Dijon Roasted Radishes

Balsamic-Dijon Roasted Radishes

I’ll be honest: my radish-related experiences are pretty minimal. I know I should plant them early in the Spring, I know that they’re ready to harvest early in the season, and I know that they’re a crispy-crunchy-spicy veggie that’s nice to have in the fridge alongside some carrots and cucumbers. That’s about it.  But if […]

Skinnier Classic Cornbread

Skinnier Classic Cornbread

This recipe is a lightened up version of traditional cornbread. With Splenda, greek yogurt, fat-free margarine, & egg whites, this healthy take on a classic pairs perfectly with my Hearty Vegan Chilli! This cornbread would also pair beautifully with my Hot Indian Shrimp Soup!  

Easy Balsamic Roasted Brussel Sprouts


I grew up not liking brussel sprouts. All I remember is my mother saying something about them tasting like an ash tray (how she knew what I that tasted like, I don’t know…) 20 years later, though, brussel sprouts are the new cool vegetable in town. Served chopped, baked, or grilled in the trendiest of eateries, […]

Spicy Quinoa and Chopped Kale Salad


Dinner side dishes can get pretty darn ho-hum. I mean, I love a good spinach salad as much as the next girl, but sometimes my plate is in need of a change…. a spicy change. Which is why my spicy quinoa and chopped kale salad totally hits the spot! Full of nutrients, fibre, and taste, […]

Simple Sweet Potato Wedges


When most people think of sweet potatoes, they think of that semi-gross marshmallow topped dish that their Great Aunt brings to Thanksgiving every year. Admittedly, not the most appealing– but the sweet potato doesn’t have to be this way! Far better for you than their plain-old-potato cousin, sweet potatoes fall into the all important ‘healthy […]

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