Lentil & Red Pepper Casserole

Red Pepper & Lentil Thumbnail

This filling, nutritious, and totally delicious vegan bake is a comforting Fall dinner, especially for a Meatless Monday! Red bell peppers give you loads of vitamins A & C, while lentils serve as a great source of protein and fibre. And not only is this dinner low in everything bad and high in everything good, […]

Flourless Pumpkin Spice Protein Cookies


“Cookie” might not be the right word to use here. Sort of like my popular banana-based protein cookies, these are low-cal, sugar free, vegan, gluten-free little baked morsels of pumpkiny goodness. And while their natural sweetness easily satisfies a dessert craving, they’re no one trick ponies; they’re great as a quick breakfast on-the-go or a hunger […]

6 Favourite Fall Recipes

6 Favourite Fall Dinners - Diary of a Formerly Fat Girl

Fall always feels like the biggest shift of the year. You’re wearing more layers, you’re going back to school… and you find yourself craving warm, hearty comfort foods.  This recipe wrap up has six of my favourite, perfect-for-chilly-Autumn-days-and-nights recipes. From Pumpkin Spice Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies to Hearty Vegan Chili with Kale, Quinoa, & Brown Lentils, […]

A Healthier Taste of Fall (Sept. 21, 2013)


For my September 21 article about healthy and local eating in Autumn, A Healthier Taste of Fall, either click here or keep on readin’! As we bid summer adieu and transition into fall, we have plenty to look forward to: autumn colours, football season and pumpkin carving spring to mind. But from a culinary point […]

Cheat-Day Approved Snickerdoodles


Today is just one of those days. A bit under the weather, a bit tired, a bit gloomy-and-rainy-and-Fall-is-coming. In other words, it’s a day in need of snickerdoodles. I’ve got a snickerdoodle parable. I’m from Connecticut, and I’ve never not made snickerdoodles. No big deal. But after moving to Canada with my Canadian boyfriend, John, […]

Fall Tea!


Now that Labour Day has passed us by, we’ve unofficially said goodbye to Summer. Bummer, I know. But all good things must come to an end, and Autumn does offer¬†its own special treats– football, apple picking, all things pumpkin, and, most importantly… Fall Tea! Now, if you’re a frequent follower of my blog, you know […]

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