Keeping Your Restaurant Calories Low (May 18, 2013)


For my May 18th article about dining out on a caloric budget (no matter the genre!), Tips for Eating Away From Home, either click here or keep reading!   What could be more enjoyable than a leisurely lunch out with friends, a big family dinner, or your weekly pilgrimage to the local pizza joint? Fitting into […]

The Candy Bar Salad

Beware! The Candy Bar Salad lurks everywhere.

“Oh, I only had a salad.” This translates into “I basically didn’t eat”. Easy there, girlfriend. If your salad involved any of the following: cheese, creamy dressing, ANYTHING fried, croutons, “candied” (i.e. coated in sugar) bits, bacon, mayonnaise, a heavy dose of nuts, or any other fatty meat product, you have to face the sad […]

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