The Biggest Losers are the Viewers (March 16, 2013)

Either click here or keep reading for March 16th’s piece on the dangers and shock value of NBC’s hit show The Biggest Loser. The Biggest Losers are the Viewers If you’ve not seen NBC’s weight-loss reality show The Biggest Loser, you’re in something of a minority. On the air for almost a decade, the show […]

The Only Living Girl in the Weight Room

Molly Daley

More times than not, I am the lone girl in the weight room at the gym. Cardio room? Full of women. Locker room? Packed with girls. The room with the lame-ass weight machines? Some ladies, at least. But the free weight room? A genuine female dead zone. Why is this? As I see it, we’re […]

My Cold Weather Salvation


Winter is, unquestionably, the toughest season for both diet and fitness. Even once those holiday cookies are a distant memory in your mind (perhaps not so distant on your hips), it is still freezing and dark and gloomy and icey. You’d rather sit under a pile of blankets, watch Homeland, and eat Shepherd’s pie than […]

The Candy Bar Salad

Beware! The Candy Bar Salad lurks everywhere.

“Oh, I only had a salad.” This translates into “I basically didn’t eat”. Easy there, girlfriend. If your salad involved any of the following: cheese, creamy dressing, ANYTHING fried, croutons, “candied” (i.e. coated in sugar) bits, bacon, mayonnaise, a heavy dose of nuts, or any other fatty meat product, you have to face the sad […]

The Elliptical Sits on a Throne of Lies

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

We believe what we want to believe. That’s why when, after 30 minutes and barely breaking a sweat, the elliptical tells us that you’ve burned 34,835,489,574,875 calories, we believe it. It’s lying. Why do you think it is the most popular machine in the cardio room? Because it is EASY. It is SO easy compared […]

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