Simple Split Pea Soup


An often overlooked source of fibre and protein, split peas are incredibly versatile, extremely flavourful, and impossibly inexpensive– seriously, they cost less than a pack of gum. This vegan soup is filling enough to eat all on it’s own, and makes for an easy weeknight dinner! You’re gonna need: 2 white onions, diced 3 cloves […]

Mexican-style Black Bean, Spinach, and Shrimp Soup


Soup can get a bad wrap. Some soups, obviously, deserve it (anything cream based is not your friend). And while many canned soups claim to be healthy (and can be low-cal), they’re frequently full of salt, sugar, and preservatives. Sure, they’re convenient, but a lot of them are just cans of salty water. As a […]

Seafood Jambalaya

Spicy Shrimp Jambalaya - Diary of a Formerly Fat Girl

As Mardi Gras comes to a close, this festive and super tasty jambalaya will satisfy your creole cravings, with out the calories, guilt, and beads. You’re gonna need:  1 can diced tomatoes 1 yellow onion 2-3 cloves garlic Prawns (really any kind of shellfish works in this, I used a medly of shrimp/mussels/clams) Splash of […]

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