Sparking Lavender Lemon Bar Martini


If you’ve read my post or article, ‘You Booze You Lose… And Not in the Good Way‘, you know that nothing packs on the pounds like alcohol. But you also know that, when enjoyed in moderation, there are some cocktails that can keep your calorie count in check. ….but they can get pretty boring. A vodka soda […]

You Booze, You Lose… and not in the Good Way (April 18, 2013)

For April 18th’s article You Booze You Lose, and not in the Good Way either click here or keep on reading!   Alcohol. It evokes so many fond memories for most people; a special bottle of wine, a pina colada on vacation in Mexico, a pitcher of beer with friends during hockey playoffs. Not me. I […]

Skinny Peach Bellinis


In my view, there are two types of parties. Blender Drink Parties, and everything else. Clearly, Blender Drink Parties > everything else. But sadly, blender drinks are almost always full of sugar, preservatives, and empty calories. This makes me one sad vodka-soda drinker. And although I almost universally adore blender drinks, one seems to trump […]

You Booze, You Lose… And Not in the Good Way.


Ah, alcohol. The silent killer. Well… at least of your diet. This is one of the saddest posts for me to write. I like to drink. Not excessively, not abusively, but I like a good drink. It’s a no-no. No two ways about it. I’d like to tell you there are sneaky ways around this, but […]

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