Humidex? More Like Ice-Creamidex! (July 4, 2013)


For my July 4 article about summertime fitness, Humidex? More Like Ice-Creamidex! either click here or keep reading.   Ah, summer. Cocktails on the patio, barbecues at the cottage, and finally perfecting that golden tan. What’s not to love? Well, if you’re like me, summer can present its own unique set of diet and exercise dilemmas. Your […]

Women, Weights, and the Gender Divide (June 20, 2013)


For my June 20 article about women and weights, Women, Weights, and the Gender Divide, either click here or keep reading!    Last week, I shared what I called “the worst fitness advice around” with you. Carbs are terrible, the elliptical isn’t terrible, spot reduction really works — all bad advice. But in my view, nothing is […]

The Worst Fitness Advice Around (June 13, 2013)


For my June 13 article about the oh-so-common terrible fitness tips, The Worst Fitness Advice Around, either click here or keep reading!   It’s no secret that we live in a 24/7 information economy. Not only do we have access to information on our smartphones, tablets and our computers, but the barrage of never-ending news scrolls through […]

Time Budgeting: Make the Most of Your Workout (June 6, 2013)


To read my June 6 article about managing time and getting the best of your workout no matter your schedule, Time Budgeting: Make the Most of Your Workout, either click here or keep reading!   It always amazes me that from fitness magazines to TV shows and everything in between, women get their fitness advice from […]

Trends Come and Go, But Olive Oil is Here to Stay (May 30, 2013)


To read my May 30th article about the benefits of olive oil, Trends Come and Go, but Olive Oil is Here to Stay, click here or keep reading below!   You’d have to be living under a rock to have missed the new trend in oil. From Costco to Bulk Barn, health food forums to baking blogs, […]

You Booze, You Lose… and not in the Good Way (April 18, 2013)

For April 18th’s article You Booze You Lose, and not in the Good Way either click here or keep on reading!   Alcohol. It evokes so many fond memories for most people; a special bottle of wine, a pina colada on vacation in Mexico, a pitcher of beer with friends during hockey playoffs. Not me. I […]

The Cost of Health (April 11, 2013)

Either click here or keep reading for April 11th’s piece on eating healthy on a budget. The trick is to know where to spend, and where to save! Thrilled to be on the cover of the paper and my section. The Cost of Health The diet and exercise industry is full of cliches. From daytime […]

Spring (Realistically) Into Action (March 30, 2013)

Either click here or keep reading for my March 30th piece on spring fitness and reaching your fitness goals. Thrilled to be on the cover of my section! Spring (realistically) into action Finally, after suffering through the agony of January and February, the calendar tells us it is spring. Though we’ve still got snow on […]

Wheat Belly? More Like Meat Belly. (March 23, 2013)

Either click here or keep reading for my article about the absurdities of the gluten-free fad, and how it MOST DEFINITELY won’t lose you any weight. Happy to have made the cover of the paper and my section with this one! I even got a shout-out from the Canadian Celiac Association! Wheat Belly? More Like […]

The Perfect Carbohydrate (March 9, 2013)

Either click here or keep reading for March 2nd’s piece on finding the right carbohydrates to keep you healthy, energized, and satisfied! The Search for the Perfect Carb Last week, I let you in on the life-changing (for me, at least) secret that is my non-diet diet. For many people, the concept of the “healthy carb” […]

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