Trends Come and Go, But Olive Oil is Here to Stay (May 30, 2013)


To read my May 30th article about the benefits of olive oil, Trends Come and Go, but Olive Oil is Here to Stay, click here or keep reading below!   You’d have to be living under a rock to have missed the new trend in oil. From Costco to Bulk Barn, health food forums to baking blogs, […]

Fasting, Cleansing, and Detoxing: Pain for Very Little Gain (May 25, 2013)


To read my May 18th article on cleansing, fasting, and detoxing, Fasting, Cleansing, and Detoxing: Pain for Very Little Gain, click here or read below.    An old friend reached out to me on Facebook the other day, asking a very interesting question that I, rather surprisingly, haven’t given very much thought to in quite a long […]

Keeping Your Restaurant Calories Low (May 18, 2013)


For my May 18th article about dining out on a caloric budget (no matter the genre!), Tips for Eating Away From Home, either click here or keep reading!   What could be more enjoyable than a leisurely lunch out with friends, a big family dinner, or your weekly pilgrimage to the local pizza joint? Fitting into […]

Managing Your Sweet Tooth (May 9, 2013)


For my May 9 article about dessert cravings, Managing Your Sweet Tooth, click here or keep reading!   I’m often asked about the most challenging aspect of maintaining a really clean diet. No snacking? No problem! Waiving goodbye to the burgers? Easy! I can avoid butter, cheese and fries with ease. But no dessert? That hurts. […]

Childhood Obesity: Practise What You Preach (May 4, 2013)


For my May 4 article about parenting and childhood obesity, Childhood Obesity: Practise What You Preach either click here or keep reading!   As a country, we say it so frequently that it’s almost too trite to repeat — and yet, nothing seems to change. We are overweight. Not only are we overweight, but our children […]

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