Tupperware for a Better Body

Tupperware for a Better Body!

Molly & Tupperware, a love story.

 If you follow my blog regularly, you know I don’t mess around when it comes to Tupperware (and/or Tupperware-like devices). Not only does it keep your fridge organized (as you know, I love a good organized fridge), but it keeps your leftovers moist, your fruit fresh, and your veggies crisp.

Beyond that, though, Tupperware is an indispensable, 100% crucial, often-overlooked feature of any effective, good weight loss plan.  Click here to read more about my Tupperware obsession; In short, it allows you to plan your meals ahead of time and keep your healthy foods fresh and accessible… which means even fewer excuses to reach for a bag of chips or go through a drive-through. 

The one problem, though? Real, brand-name Tupperware is expensive. If you already have the good stuff, take good care of it, store it properly, and don’t pull a Kramer and give it to someone expecting to get it back (with Tupperware, you just assume!).  But if you aren’t lucky enough to already have some, don’t fret. There are loads of affordable, non-brand name options out there that do the job. Check out the dollar store to start, or have great people in your life who bring you great gifts like this: Tupperware for a better bodyTupperware for a better body46 pieces?! My little heart was aflutter. Tupperware for a Better Body!If you need to stock up on Tupperware to get your best body ever, try looking for an assorted pack like this (Canadian readers: Canadian Tire is particularly good for this). The small containers are perfect for salad dressings, while the various larger shapes and sizes are great for lunches, leftovers, cut fruit & veggies, and pretty much whatever else you can throw at it. 

Long story short? Get Tupperware, fast. It’ll make meal planning, food storage, healthy eating, and having a generally clean, organized, & awesome fridge very easy. Click here to buy my 46-piece set. 

One final note– try storing your containers and lids with a wire rack (similar to one used for drying dishes). You’ll never lose another lid again!