Sweaty Work is Good Work

Happy June! 


Today is the second day of June (can you believe it?!), and for most of us that means sunny days and rising thermostats. Which means sweaty workouts. Lots of sweaty workouts. An entire glorious season of long, hard, sweaty workouts! 

But the summer months shouldn’t be the only time you’re getting sweaty during your workouts. It doesn’t matter if it’s 80° or 8°– when you’re working out, you should get sweaty. Really sweaty. Uncute sweaty. And red. Really red! By the end of your workout, you should look something like this: 

Be a Sweaty Betty!

Uncute, post-workout sweatiness

If you don’t look like this, and you aren’t sweaty and red and 110% in need of a shower, you aren’t working hard enough. If your makeup is unsmudged after a workout, you aren’t working hard enough. If your hair is still perfect after a workout, you most definitely aren’t working hard enough. Time is precious, and you want the biggest bang for your workout buck– which means you need to work hard. Really hard, the whole time.** If you don’t feel like you’re working hard, you probably aren’t. In the words of one of the most profound voices of our time, Miss Britney Jean Spears, you better work, bitch.

Work hard, get sweaty, and see double the results in half the time. plie 2

**I don’t mean this in an obnoxious, hammerhead, CrossFit-y, gold-star-for-puking kind of way. What I do mean is to get your heart rate up and your ass moving. Get sweaty, get out of breath, but don’t hurt yourself. Pain and progress are not the same things.