Molly’s FitBits: Winter Work

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Who has two thumbs and is tired of winter? This girl!

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here, but it’s really darn cold. It keeps being really darn cold. Here in Ontario, it seems that whenever the temperature gets above about -15, we get enough blowing snow that you still wouldn’t dare go outside. Where it’s not slippery it’s slushy, and it’s not showing any signs of improving.

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Who has two thumbs and is tired of winter? This girl!








Why am I talking about this? Because this is the hardest time of year for most people to stick to their fitness routine and clean eating plans. When it’s this cold, you want pot pie and a blanket, not wind sprints and green smoothie. The motivation of those well-intended resolutions has worn off, leaving behind extra holiday weight and bulky sweaters.

Fight this. See what this says?

The Spring Countdown!Right. 56 days until spring.

That’s 56 days until you want to be darn sure that your legs look great in shorts, or that you can run a 5k, or that you finish that day-long hike with ease. 56 days isn’t that long– and if you want to make changes in your body (for the better, that is), 56 days is a drop in the bucket.

Don’t make the mistake of starting to worry about fitness on the first warm day of the year. Losing weight, toning up, adding muscle– it all takes time, and it all takes commitment. Commit these last 56 days of winter to looking and feeling great in Spring.