Molly’s FitBit: Cold Weather Hydration

If you live basically anywhere in this hemisphere, it was cold today. Really cold. Scary cold.

This... is me.

Scary cold is tough for fitness in a variety of ways– it makes it hard, unpleasant, and potentially dangerous to work out outside. Moreover, when the temperature drops below a certain point, it’s exceedingly difficult to not huddle under the covers with a bowl of mac & cheese and Seinfeld re-runs.

And even if we leave that aside, a scary cold day can very easily turn into a dehydrated scary cold day.

Seems counter-intuitive, right? Even though we sweat more in the summer, we still need to remember to drink water in the winter… especially when we’re huddled next to the oh-so-comforting (but very dry) heat vent.

….but who wants to drink gallons of cold water when it’s a frozen tundra outside?

No one, that’s who. My trick? Hot water with lemon and ginger.Winter Hydration with ease!Boil water (as if to make tea) and pour into a big ol’ mug. Add a big squeeze of lemon, some fresh ginger (or powdered if you’re in a pinch), and enjoy a glorious, hot, and hydrating beverage.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.