Sparking Lavender Lemon Bar Martini

If you’ve read my post or article, ‘You Booze You Lose… And Not in the Good Way‘, you know that nothing packs on the pounds like alcohol.

But you also know that, when enjoyed in moderation, there are some cocktails that can keep your calorie count in check.

….but they can get pretty boring. A vodka soda is great and all, but those jazzy mixed drink menus always look so damn appealing! Who doesn’t want to try the chocolate-caramel-whipped-cream martini?!

Alas, there is hope. And that hope comes in the form of my 62 calorie Sparkling Lavender Lemon Bar Martini.


It is soooo good, and tastes like it should be far, far naughtier. When my very picky boyfriend had a sip, his first words were, “oh my god, this tastes just like your lemon bars!” A low-cal cocktail that tastes like a dessert? Now that’s genius.

You’re gonna need:


Unflavoured Vodka

Lemon juice

Club Soda (reduced sodium is best!)

Fresh Lavender

Vanilla extract


The following recipe makes two cocktails

Pour two shots of vodka onto ice…


 …and add two shots of lemon juice. Bruise a big pinch of  lavender in your hand (this really helps bring out the flavour!), and add to the mix. Add a teaspoon of vanilla and one tablespoon of Splenda.


 Now shake it all up! Fill a cocktail glass with ice. Pour your strained martini mix into your glass, filling about two-thirds of the way. Top with club soda, and enjoy!


 At only 62 calories a pop, you can afford to have two (or four)!




September 13, 2013 Cocktails!Recipes