In-Season Lovin’

The Summer and early Fall months offer plentiful, gorgeous, far-cheaper-and-better-and-more-local produce than most other times of the year. Starting with asparagus and rhubarb in the Spring and ending with cabbage and squash in the Fall, the fruits of the season are incredibly enjoyable.

Take advantage of it!


These gorgeous tomatoes all came out of my garden within the last TWO DAYS!

For example, in my part of the world, tomatoes, peaches, and cucumbers are currently at their peak. Lucky me!


The first thing you need to do? Get your butt to a Farmer’s Market, a local Farm stand, or even to your local grocery store. Buy up loads of gorgeous, in-season produce.




At first, I was a little overwhelmed by the tomatoes my garden was producing… now I love it!

Turn all of those tomatoes into a sauce, a stew, a salsa– anything! Store it, jar it, can it…


My tomato sauce, all from my own tomatoes!


…and enjoy it all Winter long!

And as for those peaches, even if jams or jellies aren’t your thing, there’s plenty you can do with them. My favourite? Slice them, bag them, and freeze them for smoothies!

Boil them for about five to ten seconds, and watch how easily the skins peel off.


Your peach will look like this when it comes out of the boiling water…

Just pull on the skin with your thumb, and it'll easily peel off!

Just pull on the skin with your thumb, and it’ll easily peel off!

Voila! Perfect, ready-to-be-frozen peaches in a flash.


Cut them up, throw them in a ziplock bag, and forget about them… until you need them, that is! Not only will this trick save you money on frozen fruit, but it’ll keep the delicious taste of Peach Season in your mouth long into the Winter months.



I'm one happy, peach lovin' girl!

I’m one happy, peach lovin’ girl!

The moral of the story? Seize the produce day. Take advantage of what’s hot, cheap, and delicious when it is hot, cheap, and delicious. A little bit of time and effort, and both your wallets and waistlines will thank me… happy harvest season!