Skinny Peach Bellinis

In my view, there are two types of parties.

Blender Drink Parties, and everything else.


Clearly, Blender Drink Parties > everything else. But sadly, blender drinks are almost always full of sugar, preservatives, and empty calories. This makes me one sad vodka-soda drinker.

And although I almost universally adore blender drinks, one seems to trump all the others. The Peach Bellini is, without question, one of my favourite drinks. Peach schnapps, peach juice, and champagne, I could drink my favourite bellini every day (FYI, the best peach bellini I’ve ever been lucky enough to drink was here, overlooking the Rockies on a heated patio in Canmore, AB). But if I indulged all the time and DID drink them every day, I’d be the size of the Good Year Blimp.

Not Good.

So, for years, I’ve searched for and experimented with the perfect skinny solution to the peach bellini. I hate syrupy sweet or chalky drinks, and if I’m going to drink any calories, I prefer that they’re alcohol, not sugar or syrup or anything else. It goes without saying that NO amount of is good for you, and that, when it comes purely to wellness, no alcohol is the best policy.

But hey, I live in the real world. I like a good cocktail now and again. Which is why I’ve developed my Skinny Peach Bellini. Without the sugary, syrupy guilt of the average bellini, my skinny version will have your taste buds happy and your cocktail hour cravings satisfied. Just remember to enjoy responsibly, as these are so good, so strong, and so skinny, it is easy to over indulge!

You’re gonna need:

500 (18 ounces) grams frozen peaches

1/4 c Splenda

7 ounces (200 grams) vodka

3/4 c prosecco (plus a few extra plashes)

Makes 4-5 (potent) drinks


Grab your blender, and add your peaches, vodka, and splenda. Blend thoroughly.


Now, add your prosecco, and blend again– but only for a second or two!


Pour ’em out, and top with an extra splash of prosecco. Enjoy these perfect-for-summer, totally skinnified blender drinks… just be sure not too enjoy them too much!


June 28, 2013 Cocktails!Recipes