Super Clean ‘Creamy Pasta’

Yeah, you read that title right.

If pasta is a no-no, then creamy pastas are the ultimate no-no. If you want to make your 700 calorie meal an 1100 calorie meal, you get a creamy pasta.

For those of us watching out weight, cream sauces are a thing of the past.

But my super clean ‘creamy pasta’ has no cream. Or butter. It is lactose free, low-carb, gluten-free, high in protein, and checks in below the 300 calorie mark.

Say whaaaaat?

I know. I know! This will satisfy even your darkest of pasta cravings.

Now, I will point out that this is made using my ‘trick pasta’ secret. If you’d like, you can easily make it with regular pasta, but mark that one down as a cheat meal.

You’re gonna need:

2 small ripe avocados

1 can diced tomatoes (try to grab the reduced sodium kind)

3 cloves of garlic, diced

½ white onion, diced

dash of olive oil

dash of lemon juice

salt and pepper

basil and oregano, to taste

Shrimp/Salmon/Chicken Breast/Whatever lean protein you’d like (I’m using shrimp)

1 cup baby spinach

Green cabbage (or pasta, if you’re on a cheat meal)

The first step of this recipe is a predictable one for me– grab your frying pan, heat up a dash of olive oil, and throw in your garlic and onion. Cook until aromatic.


Now, add your canned tomatoes, salt and pepper, herbs, and a bit of water.

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Cook on medium heat, and let reduce. Add your shrimp!


While your sauce is reducing, grab a bowl, and cut up your avocados.


Mash ‘em up with a fork, and add your lemon juice. Set aside.


Don’t forget to stir your sauce occasionally!

Now, this isn’t a necessity, but I love to sneak greens into whatever I’m eating, so I added some spinach to this sauce! It’s a great way to get nutrients and fibre, without always having to eat a plain ol’ salad.


While your sauce is cooking down, cut up your cabbage. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here and check out my totally and completely awesome faux-pasta trick! Boil for about five minutes.


Now, your sauce should look something like this…


Pour it all into your avocado bowl, and stir it all together.


Drain your cabbage, and put in a bowl. Top with your sauce!


And there you have it! Impossibly good for you ‘creamy pasta’ to satisfy all of your cravings!