24/7 Booty

I always hear that the butt is the hardest part of your body to work.

Why is this?!

I’ve never understood this. For me, the butt is BY FAR the easiest part to work out.

Obviously, you can go with the traditional booty exercises while working out.

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But don’t limit your bootylicious activities to your workout time! You can work your butt out easily and effectively all day long.We’re all busy, and no one wants to look like a lunatic doing lunges around the grocery store. I have some great ways to work your booty even if you miss the gym! This is my favourite kind of multi-tasking!

Here I am doing the dishes while working my glutes! While standing at the sink, point your toe and lift your leg straight back. Pulse for 50 on each side, and repeat for as long as you can stand it. (Apologies for the kitty photo-bomb)


Face washing squats! You can also do these brushing your teeth, combing your hair, or while in the shower. I like to vary with full range squats, pulses, and duck squats.

Photo on 2013-03-21 at 13.33

And easiest of all, the just-laying-around-booty-squeeze! If you’re watching the news, reading a book, or just laying in bed, you can still work your butt. Squuuuuuueeze those cheeks like you’re pinching a penny, hold, and release.


I’m even working my glutes here!

Your workouts are only limited by your imagination! Welcome to your future of free time and perky glutes!