The Treadmill, Outdoor Running, and Results


Alright, surely this post isn’t going to make me a popular girl. So, I’m just going to lay it all out there. Run outside. Don’t run on the treadmill.

The treadmill is easier. Period. Have you ever run four miles on the treadmill, felt like a baller, gone outside for your next run, and been completely tuckered out by mile 2? That’s the funny thing about propulsion. It keeps you moving in a way that the plain old road doesn’t. It is the same way that free weights are more challenging than those bullshit weight-machines that every girl loves.

I care a lot about this because I’m training for a marathon. I’d hate to train on the treadmill, get to my race, and be exhausted by mile 13. You should care about this even if the only thing you’re training for is looking smokin’ on the beach. You know why?

If it isn’t hard, it isn’t going to change you. If it feels easy, that is probably because it is. When you work really hard, your body reacts, and you’ll see faster, better results. Don’t waste your own time!

Is it better than doing nothing? Of course. Is it better than the elliptical? YES. But is it better than just slipping on your runners and getting outside? No way, no how.

I know running in the winter is hard and somewhat unappealing. Get the right clothes, and find the right streets (less busy side streets mean you can run up the middle of the road, without fear of icey sidewalks!). It isn’t that hard. The quicker you’re out there moving, the quicker you’re warm. Unless its colder than -20, you’re really going to be fine out there. Just remember gloves!

If you want real results, step away from that treadmill, grab your hat, and get outside!