Jacked Up Greek Yogourt

At this point, we all know the benefits of greek yogourt—high in protein, low in fat, creamy and satisfying. But just eating yogourt all the time can get a little boring, no? Plus, the kind that is the best for you (plain, 0% fat has the lowest calories, highest protein, and lowest sugar) is pretty damn tasteless. Dig on this recipe for an awesome alternative to a smoothie that’ll keep you goin’ well into the lunch hour.

You’re gonna need:

¾ cup plain, 0% greek yogourt (I like PC Brand up here in Canada)

½ scoop vanilla protein powder (I like either Iso-Femme or PC Whey protein)

Frozen fruit (I usually use either a power-berry mix or raspberries, but go with whatever tastes good to you)

Spoonful of chia seeds

Spoonful of flax seeds

Alright, this is so easy that I’m not even sure I can get away with calling it a recipe. Grab a bowl and defrost your fruit in the microwave—I usually do this for 90 seconds so that I get thawed fruit plus a little bit of juice.


Plop on your yogourt, then top it with your protein powder.


Sprinkle on your seeds….


And you have one seriously tasty, filling, and satisfying breakfast! This tastes so good that sometimes I’ll even half the recipe and have this baby for dessert.