Abs are Made in the Gym, But Shown in the Kitchen

Diary of a Formerly Fat Girl

When people want to lose weight, there is a lot of focus on exercise. An inordinate focus. You plan to go to the gym three hours a day, do crunches in your sleep, and run sprint intervals around your office.


Exercise is important for your body, of course. I’m addicted to the mental and physical effects of exercise, without question. But hours at the gym are most likely not what is standing between you and your dream body. Which leads me to my point…

Abs are made in the gym, but shown in the kitchen.

You want to look like a babe. Well, expert opinions vary, but general consensus is that 65-90% of your bod is reflective of what you eat. That means only 10-35% depends on exercise. In my own experience, I’d give it an 80/20 ratio.

That’s powerful stuff.

If you’ve got a solid plan, are exercising a pile, and not seeing the results you want, the problem most likely isn’t that you’ve got a metabolism problem, that you’re not eating enough, or that you’re some sort of bizarre alien that doesn’t respond to exercise. It’s your diet. You need a really, really consistently clean diet to get a really lean body. Period.


There is no such thing as spot reduction.

I know, it is a distressing statement. I’d LOVE to be able to spot reduce, trust me. You can spot tone, but if you’re eating mozzarella sticks all day, it doesn’t matter how many crunches you’ve done—you ain’t gettin’ a six pack.

Clean up your diet, and watch the results. It’s a lot easier than sprint intervals around your office, and the changes in your body will blow you away.

Selfies, as cheesey as they are, can help you keep track of fitness progress!

“Selfies”, as cheesey as they are, can help you keep track of fitness progress!