Protein Bowls

I PROMISE you’re going to love these. 100% clean, 100% filling, and 110% tasty. If you’re sick of salads and want something warm, you’ll totally dig these. They’ll give you loads of energy and curb your afternoon/evening snackitude. Plus, it is a really flexible meal that works really well with substitutions, and is super quick.

You’re gonna need:

¼ cup quinoa or bulgur wheat

loads of fresh spinach (or kale, or swiss chard)

10-15 shrimp or scallops (you can also use tofu, beans, or chicken breast!)

Olive Oil

Dijon mustard


Cook your grains (see my quick tip here) on the stovetop, and sauté your greens.Don’t forget, greens shrink like crazy when you cook them, so really load them in there.


The pan was FULL with raw spinach!

The pan was FULL with raw spinach!

Set them aside when they’re done—shouldn’t take more than two or three minutes. Spray a pan with pam (or a splash of olive oil, if you’re feeling racy), and throw your scallops in. Cook them thoroughly.


Take out a good sized bowl, and scoop in your grains. Then add your spinach, and finally put your scallops on top. Give the whole thing a good splash of olive oil, a spoonful of Dijon, and voila! You’ve got yourself a super duper good for you protein bowl.