Love that body, Girl.

I write a lot about cooking (and eating) clean and working out—that means weight loss. Of course we want to be healthy, but really, we want to look thin and toned and like a babe. Nothing wrong with that. But when we become so completely obsessed with the teeny tiny jiggle at the tip of our upper arm that we think we’re disgusting and can’t think about anything else? Something wrong with that.

You know what I have? Muscular thighs. Big thighs. They’re thick compared the rest of my body. They were at my heaviest, and they were at my lightest. They don’t look like a runway model’s, and they look awful in white skinny jeans. And they’re muscular thighs that I can’t get rid of with any amount of dieting, exercising, crying, wishing, or worrying.

But you know what else I have? A rockin’ set of abs and a super-firm, heart shaped butt.

My point is this: You want to get YOUR best body. We aren’t perfect and none of us can fight genetics. There are some things about our bodies that we simply can’t change. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can stop 1) hating yourself and drowning your sorrows in brownie sundaes and 2) focus on the good. Sure, exercise with your problem areas in mind, but don’t let them drive you into an endless depression.

And if you’ve got those perfect legs? You bitch. No, seriously– show those babies off in the shortest mini dress you can find, and worry a little less about the fact that you may not have that 6-pack you’ve worried so much about.

Photo on 2013-03-22 at 16.34 #2